PaulinaArcklin-website2After spending the 8 years working as a freelance Interior & Decorating Writer – Stylist. I’ve put together to my Paulina Arcklin Photography + Styling everything that I’m passionate about: Interior/product Photo Planning, Photo Styling and Photography.

So you don’t need a different person for plans, another for styling and a separate Photographer, if you like my photos and my taste.

I have my own style, and my own way and you can see my results here. I use only natural lights because that’s the way to capture the essence of a room. And I use mostly real interiors, when I photograph lifestyle pictures.

My clients are the Web Shops, Stores, Producers, Brands, Designers etc. All those who need photos for their catalogues, advertising and promotion use.

 It’s your company image – the face of your business. It’s your style and your product’s image. The brand and the identity. It’s what the world see’s. And that’s what sells!








It’s great to have a Facebook pagePinterest page or Instagram account but you are missing out on a huge amount of exposure and free advertising unless you know how to use them to your best advantage.

My expertise also lies in using social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. No business can afford to overlook these amazing mediums – it can be the difference between a struggling company and a hugely successful one.










ONLY for the Editorial Press using for the Magazines and other Press persons.

The passwords you will get from me

Your business photos are available on my Image Bank for the Press. It’s a change get a free promotion editorial way for your business.